Getting started with a new home can sometimes be overwhelming, so we’ve put together some of our most frequently asked questions to help you along the way.

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Do I need approval for my house plans?

Yes. Plans must be submitted to Hartleigh’s project architect for approval and is a requirement of your building permit.

Do i need approval for my landscape design?

No.  While the Hartleigh team has prepared a series of design options for your front garden, these options are provided as a guide only.

How do i claim my $2,000 landscaping rebate?

To claim your $2,000 rebate, email land@nationalpacific.com.au and attach an image of your garden and receipts. We will be in touch shortly thereafter to coordinate your rebate.

What do i need to consider when installing side and rear fencing?

A gate is allowed in the return fencing, provided it is constructed of the same material as the side fencing.

Does the developer provide corner fencing?

Yes, the developer will provide corner fencing.

Corner fencing must be:

What do i need to consider when installing front fencing?

Where installed, front fencing must be:

Constructed of one of the following:

On corner lots, the front fence must continue along the spay and secondary boundary to meet the return fence.

Gates (where provided) must be of a style and material which is complementary to the style and material of the fencing.

What do i need to consider when installing wing fencing?

Wing fencing needs to be constructed of the same material as the remainder of the side fencing, and the same height to match the front fencing.

Wing fencing is only allowed when its returned to a front fence.

What limitations do i have for sheds and outbuildings?

Garden sheds

If less than 10m2 in area, sheds and outbuildings must not be readily visible from the public realm.

If more than 10m2 in area, sheds and outbuildings must match or complement the appearance of the dwelling in form and colour.

Who is the developer?

National Pacific Properties, part of the Burbank Group of Companies.

National Pacific Properties was formed in 2005 to undertake land developments and create a range of new, vibrant residential communities.

How do i know what my street number will be?

Street numbers are issued by council at the same time council issues the developer a statement of compliance.

What is the community infrastructure levy and will i have to pay it?

The City of Casey imposes a one off Community Infrastructure Levy (cil) which is associated to an individual property and is required to be paid prior to issuance of a building permit for construction of a dwelling. Cils are applicable in a number of areas within the city of Casey and is determined by the planning and environment act in cases where there is a development contribution plan overlay (dcpo) applying to the land.

The purpose of the levy is to fund much needed start up community facilities in the areas in which the levy applies.  The current cost of the cil is $1,150 per lot and is payable by the land owner prior to issuance of a building permit.

Why doesn’t Hartleigh pay the cil?

Hartleigh will not cover the cost of the community infrastructure levy. While other estates may say they are waiving this cost, it’s more likely this charge is being included to the cost of their development which is then passed on to customers through higher land prices.

While Hartleigh is not adding the cost of this levy to the development of the estate, Hartleigh is also not passing this cost onto customers via higher land prices.  For every lot Hartleigh sells, Hartleigh pays $16,900  per lot to government agencies for future infrastructure such as arterial roads, schools and district open space. We value the Hartleigh community and are doing our part to make sure our wonderful customers have access to community facilities, infrastructure and amenities.

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