Thinking about building can sometimes be overwhelming, so we’ve put together some of our most frequently asked questions to help you along the way.

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Simply select your preferred landscaping design theme from our Landscaping Inspiration Guide. Design Guidelines

No. While the Hartleigh team has prepared a series of design options for your front garden, these options are provided as a guide only. Landscaping Inspiration Guide

To claim your $2,000 rebate, email land@nationalpacific.com.au and attach an image of your garden and receipts. We will be in touch shortly thereafter to coordinate your rebate. Landscape Rebate Form

Yes. Plans must be submitted to Hartleigh’s project architect for approval and is a requirement of your building permit.

Side and rear fencing must be constructed of timber posts, timber rails and lapped timber palings. A maximum of 1.8 metres high, above natural ground level.
side fencing must be: set back at least 1.0 metres behind the dwelling frontage alignment. Returned to meet the side of the dwelling.

A gate is allowed in the return fencing, provided it is constructed of the same material as the side fencing.

Yes, the developer will provide corner fencing.
Corner fencing must be:
  • constructed of exposed timber posts, timber rails, lapped timber palings and timber capping
  • a maximum of 1.8 metres high, above natural ground level.
  • set back at least 3.0 metres behind the dwelling frontage alignment.
  • returned to meet the side of the dwelling (return fence).
Where installed, front fencing must be:
  • no more than 1.2 metres high, above natural ground level.
  • complementary to the style and materials of the dwelling.
Constructed of one of the following:
  • rendered masonry
  • face brick
  • stone-faced masonry
  • timber pickets/battens on a timber or powder coated steel frame
  • powder coated/anodised metal fencing comprising horizontal top and bottom rails and vertical pickets/rods and posts, continued at the same height along the side boundary to meet the return fence or garage on the boundary.

On corner lots, the front fence must continue along the spay and secondary boundary to meet the return fence.

Gates (where provided) must be of a style and material which is complementary to the style and material of the fencing.

If less than 10m2 in area, sheds and outbuildings must not be readily visible from the public realm.

If more than 10m2 in area, sheds and outbuildings must match or complement the appearance of the dwelling in form and colour.

Garden Sheds

If less than 10m2 in area, sheds and outbuildings must not be readily visible from the public realm.

If more than 10m2 in area, sheds and outbuildings must match or complement the appearance of the dwelling in form and colour.

Property Developer

National Pacific Properties, part of the Burbank Group of Companies.

National Pacific Properties was formed in 2005 to undertake land developments and create a range of new, vibrant residential communities.

For more information, please visit the NPP website.

Council and community

With information on everything from building permits and the local Government budget, to news, upcoming events and things to do around Clyde, the City of Casey website is a great resource.


Street numbers are issued by council at the same time council issues the developer a statement of compliance.

The City of Casey imposes a one off Community Infrastructure Levy (cil) which is associated to an individual property and is required to be paid prior to issuance of a building permit for construction of a dwelling.

Cils are applicable in a number of areas within the city of Casey and is determined by the planning and environment act in cases where there is a development contribution plan overlay (dcpo) applying to the land.

Hartleigh will not cover the cost of the community infrastructure levy. While other estates may say they are waiving this cost, it’s more likely this charge is being included to the cost of their development which is then passed on to customers through higher land prices.

While Hartleigh is not adding the cost of this levy to the development of the estate, Hartleighis also not passing this cost onto customers via higher land prices.  For every lot Hartleighsells, Hartleigh pays $16,900 per lot to government agencies for future infrastructure such as arterial roads, schools and district open space.

We value the Hartleigh community and are doing our part to make sure our wonderful customers have access to community facilities, infrastructure and amenities.

Government & Legal

The State Revenue Office is the Government body that administers Stamp Duty. To access information on available grants and to calculate the stamp duty due visit the link below.


This website features some helpful tools for those looking to purchase now or in the future.


Choosing to purchase any property is a big decision. So before proceeding with your purchase, please refer to the Due Diligence Checklist to ensure you clearly understand the agreement you are entering into.

Please see the Hartleigh Estate Manager for a hard copy or view the checklist here.


We recommend appointing a solicitor to review your contract for you, and they will also be vital during the settlement process. The Law Institute of Victoria website can help you find a local solicitor.



Usually between 5% – 10% of the value of a property. After checking the grants and concessions available, doing some careful calculations can give a good indication of the amount of deposit you will need.

Using online budget calculators and the loan guides available on bank websites can be useful tools to help you do this. There are many factors that will influence the amount you can borrow. It all comes down to your personal circumstances and the property you want to buy.

Most buyers will need to arrange a long-term loan in the form of a mortgage, which can be obtained primarily through building societies, banks and Finance or mortgage brokers can offer you a variety of loan options.

There are lots of good reasons why more than half of Australians now use a broker to secure a home loan.

National Pacific Finance will speak to you first to find out what you need, and then use their knowledge of the market to better negotiate with the lenders. They will then get a range of options before working out which one is right for you!

First Home Buyers

A $10,000 First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) is available when you buy or build your first new home. Conditions apply, so check with the state revenue office or government website.

The timing of your FHOG payment depends on the contract you sign to buy or build your new home, depending developer approval.

Affordability Should Drive the Decision-Making Process. It’s also worthwhile to consider your commute and stay up to date with council information regarding future amenities.

House and Land packages

Most new home construction these days are done by property developers who acquire land when it’s released by the government.

The developers lay down infrastructure (roads, utilities, water and sewage), then either:

  1. Build homes and sell them as a complete house and land deal OR
  2. Offer a number of standard or customisable home designs, so that you can choose the block of land you want and the features you’d like in your new home.

A potential benefit of buying your new home this way is that you can ensure you get a property that suits your needs. Buying a new home can also help you plan your finances with confidence, with low maintenance costs and no major repair expenses in the foreseeable future.

Another benefit is that environmentally friendly materials and features are often part of the package, as sustainability has become a benchmark in the industry.

Purchasing a titled lot is a quicker and simpler process, it is also much easier for the builder or developer to give a more specific timeframe of completion.

  • The approvals process can be started sooner
  • Allows the purchaser to take ownership of the lot quickly and efficiently
  • As soon as the title is cleared builders can begin work, meaning the build can commence sooner
  • Your building license is faster than non-titled.

Choose a package with a fixed price
Knowing the final cost of building your new home, without any surprises.

  • Check your options for customisation
  • Look for a package that will allow minor changes to reflect your needs.
  • Be sure to future proof the design
    Layout of the home is important
  • Think about the resale value
  • Important to gain a sense of the infrastructure in the area. House and land packages sell a lifestyle and sense of community.


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