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Find a place of your own in the new heart of Clyde.

Hartleigh is an exciting new community that offers purchasers the opportunity to realise their dream lifestyle. A selection of premium land and stylish home and land packages are now available with 766 lots (average lot size of 383 square meters). Register your interest today or visit our interactive sales and information centre at 100 Pattersons Road, Clyde.

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From the moment you arrive, you quickly realise that Hartleigh is a one of a kind community. A place where you can create your ideal life, in the picturesque Clyde landscape.

Everything you expect from a premium estate is there, but it’s the little, extra details that elevate Hartleigh into a league of its own. They are elements that add a little surprise and delight to every day; the hallmarks of a creative team dedicated to providing all residents with a truly special lifestyle experience. Welcome to Hartleigh.



Don’t compromise on your perfect home. At Hartleigh you can choose from a diverse range of premium home builders, each with their own unique style and attributes.

Once you have settled upon your dream home, all you need to do is choose the ideal parcel of land to turn it into reality. A comprehensive set of design guidelines pertaining to home and landscape design has been created for Hartleigh to ensure that the community always retains a sense of quality and visual cohesion. It’s all about protecting your investment and creating a community that you will be proud to call home.

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At Hartleigh, we understand that creating your home is only one part of realising your ideal lifestyle experience.

It’s the environment around you that plays a key role in defining your attitude towards each day. For this reason we have meticulously crafted open spaces throughout the estate to act as a natural extension of your home. In the heart of the estate lies a beautiful park that not only provides a stunning outlook for neighbouring homes, but also encourages residents to gather together and enjoy the outdoors. Whether it’s a picnic with friends and neighbours or just a quiet, twilight stroll while the kids run around the playground, Hartleigh is about building a new community.



Running along almost the entire southern edge of the estate is the Hartleigh active boulevard. This open space has been included in the masterplan to promote health and wellbeing, and give time poor residents a convenient and idyllic place to exercise.

Take an early morning run along the calming, tree lined path, taking in the views across neighbouring wetlands and sporting fields, pausing every hundred metres to use one of the fully integrated exercise stations that dot the way. Or perhaps you’d prefer to take a ride along the cycle paths that wind their way through the estate. Keeping fit couldn’t be easier, and it’s always accessible when it suits you.



Clyde is an evolving township. There is a significant amount of infrastructure planned for the area that will see it develop rapidly over the coming years.

There are many improvements that are scheduled to occur, including the addition of new schools, transport links, sporting facilities and a completely new Clyde town centre. Hartleigh will be ideally positioned in the very heart of this new township, enjoying the unrivalled connectivity and convenience it will bring. So while the lifestyle at Hartleigh is great today, it is only going to get better. It presents a unique opportunity to grow your family alongside your community and help to shape its future.

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